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Your data is siloed in different data repositories. Use to consolidate your data and begin making data driven business decisions.

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Take YourTime Back
  • SimplePipeline Set-up
    No longer wait and rely on your engineers to pull the reports you need.'s low-code data pipelines will save you time, reduce errors, and give you peace of mind when pulling the data you need. Create a more efficient data pipeline with
  • EnrichYour Data
    Bring together data from over 200+ data sources and destinations, on the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure. Move the newly combined and cleansed data to your BI solution to give you better insights into your data for key decision making.
Common Integrations
Google BigQuery

Because we integrate with so many different tools and technologies, our analytics data is stored in so many different places. Being able to pull that into a central location and summarize it in a way that is understandable by our customers is critical to us.

Gerald Heath
Gerald Heath
VP Technology, Gallus Golf
EndData Silos
  • Put anEnd to Silos
    You've been trying to get the right data for your BI tool, but there’s too much data to sort through and too many data silos. Move data from your data sources to your data warehouse with our low-code ETL tool. With, teams have the data readily available for dashboards and reporting.
  • ZeroMaintenance handles the ops while you use our pre-built data connectors to push data into your BI solution quickly. Stop wasting time with manual data entry and give your developers their time back with

Before every Monday, our consultant was spending 3 ½ hours to manually do the reporting. It was insane. With, any analysis I want to do is just instant. It’s like a little miracle every day.

Joe Marcus
Joe Marcus
Director of Analytics
Protect Your Customer Data
Ensure Data Quality Ensure Data Quality
  • Unlimited支持
    Our fanatical support team provides you with 24/7 support through email, chat, phone, and online meeting support. If you need additional support, think of our dedicated team members as an extension to your data team.
  • A TailoredApproach
    Our team takes a tailored approach to your use-case for any problem that arises.

The customer support is one of the best I have experienced. They were very prompt every time I would have an issue...they were able to implement pagination for an API I was using in less than 2 days.

Alexandru Cohaniuc
Alexandru Cohaniuc
The Complete Guide to BI Security: Avoid the Next Data Breach

Is Your BI Platform a Privacy Risk?

BI tools work best when they have a lot of data, so naturally, you’ll want to connect to as many sources as possible. This is where the risk comes in. BI tools have access to all of your data. This means that unauthorized access to your BI platform could have disastrous consequences.

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Ensure Data Quality

Boost operational data to improve key business decision making with our automated, scalable, low-code ETL platform.

Ensure Data Quality